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Varalakshmi Vratham (Lakshmi pooja)

Varalakshmi vratham (pooja also spell as puja) is very important pooja in hinduism performed by womens. This pooja celebrate in andhrapradesh, karnataka, tamilnadu in other states of India. vara lakshmi vratham celebrated on Friday of brought fortnight Ashada masam. This vratham perform for get health, wealth, growth, knowledge, and happiness. In this vratham almost womens participates, because, Goddess mahalakshmi is women.

It is mentioned in Skandha puranam and noticed important of varalakshmi vratham. In the Skandha puranam Goddess Parvathi want to know about vratham, which is highly benefit to women on the earth, then God Siva said to parathi about the lakshmi vratham (pooja or puja).

Womens believes that, If they celebrate this vratham in their homes, they get peace, wealth and family happiness etc. In the andhrapradesh this vratham celebrates four weeks of friday. This vratham celebrates only sumangalilu (whose husbands are still living) to get health, wealth, happiness and wishing long life with husbands. This pooja celebrates poor and rich families and also this pooja can be done without any restrictions to caste. This vratham celebrates married womens and unmarried girl. Neighbors womens and friends participates in the pooja.

In this day womens wakeup early in the morning, clean whole house, takes bath and wear traditional dresses to perform vratham. Before start vratham, women draw a Padmam (It is one kind of Muggu in telugu) and keeps Kalasam center of the Padmam. Kalasam is most important part of this pooja, Kalasam symbolically represents goddess lakshmi. Few kind of fruits and flowers can be use in this vratham. They start pooja according to pooja blooks.